Saturday, July 14, 2012

The circle of life.

As I walked around the house today looking for a subject for my daily photo I came across a number of things involving the plants that we have.  I took the first photo of the only remnants of our sunflowers as some critter decided to make a snack of them just after they started to flower.  This lone head was all that was left after either the rabbits or squirrels got at them.  I took it's photo and continued my walk in the yard.
In the backyard we discovered one of our newly planted berry bushes was completely destroyed with nothing but roots left.  I then found this poor mushroom that had been partially eaten.
When I cam back inside the house and sat by the window to work on my earlier images I notice that a couple of the blooms had fallen off our Jasmine plant.
All of these made for interesting subjects and as I worked on the images in Snapseed I found that I had a bit of a theme going on today.  The Elton John song from the Lion King came to mind as I felt that these three images were got representations of the "Circle of Life".  Even in their withered states each still had it's own beauty and dignity.

The Sunflower photo at the start is my entry for today's Instagram 366 project.

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