Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid-way through 2012.

So today is officially the mid way point for 2012, Day 183.  Staying on target for a n image a day for 366 days can be a challenge and more so when one is limited to locations.  As I looked at this posting I see that once again flowers dominate the theme and yet I like each image and find they are unique in their own way.  So I hope you like the following images and thanks for following me as I continue this journey.

July 2, 2012.  Two photo's for today.  The first was taken from behind the flower with the sun shining through it. There was some flare which I cropped out using Snapseed.  This is my official image for today's Instagram 366 photo.
However I also liked this photo I took using the Hipstamatic app as I wanted to record this Sunflower plant before it bloomed in Black and White.
July 1, 2012.  Close up off a Red Lily using the iPhone.  Minimal post processing in Snapseed.
June 30, 2012.  This pine cone had broken of the tree and landed on our deck.  I liked the green in the cone as usually you see them all dried out.
June 29, 2012.  At a friend's house who has the entire front yard as a flower garden.  Needlessly to say there were plenty of bees around and thus one ignored me as it gathered the pollen off each stamen.
June 28, 2012. Found this unique flower pot in the Iris Eye store in Market Mall.  Did a quick snap and did some post processing with Snapseed.  

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