Friday, March 1, 2013

Discovering new sites to share on.

I have been playing with and posting to three new sites to share photo's on.  The first two I'd like to talk about are Pheed and Shnap.  Both are interesting in there design and intent. I have been uploading my daily photo's to these sites in addition to Instagram, Streamzoo, and Tadaa.  Here are some thought on these new entities.

Pheed is a well organized and attractive layout.  A good community and shows the photo's nicely.  However the tagging system is a little difficult as you constantly have to retype the hashtags you want rather then just clicking on common or previous used phrases.

Shnap is a little more difficult to get a handle on.  It is a photo rating site and all photo's are anonymous until you click on one of 5 rating titles.  I find this a little limiting as some of the photo's may not fit any of the categories.  Being anonymous is interesting in that unless you recognize a style you don't know who posted thus one can not play favourites.  Points are given for rating photo's and getting rated and you use the points in order to post photo's.  The community though seems very small and not overly active and it appears that it may have gone through a closure a while back.  Still it is worth checking out.

The last one I want to share is one called backspaces.  It is a photo and story site and encourages one to create photo essays or combine writing and photo's   Below is my photo from today of my son Cool and his Choir at the Kiwanis Music festival.  You can find my short story about tonight at

Feb. 28  My wife made samosa's from scratch and they looked so good I made them my photo of the day.
Feb 27  A macro shot of nail clippers shot with an extension tube on the 24-70mm lens on the Canon 7D and then processed using snapseed.

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