Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A reminder winter still has 3 weeks left.

Calgary's weather can be a real roller coaster ride no mater what time of year but late February and early March can be the most unpredictable.  Today, after a week of nice weather, we had a nice dump of snow over night returning our fair city to a blanket of white.  Since the temperature is still somewhat mild I decided to take a walk to explore the photographic opportunities.

While I was on my way back to my car after my walk, a teacher and his students from a school near Edworthy Park passed me.  Noticing my camera he asked if I had seen anything interesting.  When you look around at the surrounding scenery it was fairly monochromatic and flat.  However I told him that if you look for the small things, the details, the hidden jems, there was lots to see and photograph.  Here are a few examples from my walk.

 Bolt and broken fence pipe.
Small red berry and leaves.
Lock on a power box.
Macro shot of the tip of a tall grass stalk.
Abstract of branches with snow.
Unbroken snow on the path.

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