Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally back on Calgary time.

I'm sorry that I have not posted for a while.  It seems to have taken me two weeks to get totally back on Calgary time.  Another adjustment has been handling the daily routine and finding time to take a photo each day.  I have managed to do so and share these photo's with you now.

January 29. The water fountain at Horton Road School while waiting for my boys at choir.  Looking at it I felt it could make an interesting shot of the running water using the iPhone.
January 30.  Flower at my local Safeway.
January 31.  The Rosary Ring that was given to me be my mother-in-law.  I had taken it off to was my hands and noticed this reflection.  I used the Canon 7D with a macro tube on the 24-70 to capture this image.
February 1.  I grabbed a vase with one of our imitation flowers in it and took it to the studio.  Shot using the Canon 7D and then brought back into the iPhone to use a new app I downloaded named Noir.  This is an app specifically designed to create monochromatic images.  I liked the sepia effect and then used PhotoForge2 to finish it with the edging.
February 2.  We had the first of what looks likely to be a week or more of nice weather.  It was nice to get out and take a long walk before my class at SAIT.  I walked through Kensington and then along the Bow River down to the Peace Bridge.  This is the newest feature to Calgary and has drawn the interest of many photographers.  These photo's were taken with the iPhone.  The first two were taken with the native camera in the phone and the third was using the Fisheye Pro app.
February 1.  I visited the exhibition of one of my students, Maureen Hills-Urbat, at Lougheed House.  It is always gratifying to see ones students progress and have success and this was particular nice as her exhibit is part of "Exposure" the month long celebration of photography in Calgary, Banff and Canmore.  After walking  through the show I was exploring the building and I saw these lovely old pipes and this nice light on them.  I shot a frame with the iPhone and then turned it to B&W in snapseed.
February 2.  My first night of my Advanced lighting class at SAIT.  The lovely Breanna returned to model and I was able to shot a few frames with the 7D.  Minimal post processing was done in photoshop and the frame was added using OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite 6.

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