Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding the little things in life.

Feb. 24  I admire those who have vivid imaginations and the passion to create wonderful photographs, films or art.  It takes a lot of dedication to one's craft to continuously make these works faced with every days distractions of life.  Watching the Oscar's tonight and viewing 1000's of photo's every day makes me realize that there are many creative people around.  While this can be inspiring it can also be humbling as I go about trying to take a photo a day.

This is why I try to keep my eye's open as I do my daily routine for the little things in life that I can work with it to my own art.  Tonight it was the remainder of a bowl of grapes that the boy's had been snacking on.  I knew how I wanted to finish the image even as I framed up the bowl with with my iPhone.  This is probably the biggest thing I have developed as I have shot a photo a day for more then 2 years.  It allows me to see simple items and create art with them.
Feb. 23  Composition is another factor that makes a photograph strong and one of the areas I feel that I have grown in with this project.  Again it was a busy day and a simple thing I do every day caught my eye as an opportunity.  Hanging my key's on the hook I saw a potential photo.  I looked at using the negative space and where I positioned the keys in the frame as I shot the photo.  Knowing I would crop it square I made sure I left room to do this.  Using snapseed I post processed the image to give it the feel I was looking for.

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