Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to catch up again.

I fell behind once again in posting as the last 10 days have been full.  So I won't spend a lot of time with the preamble and get on with the descriptions for the photo's.

Feb. 11  Taken at my SAIT advanced lighting class.  I had an idea but the plastic leaves that I had looked to fake.  So I grabbed a jar that had one of the vines in it and then draped it over our lovely subject Brandy.
Feb. 12  Was able to take a quick drive downtown as the boy's were at their Choir practice.  Decided to go  to Scotsman Hill and photograph the skyline and Saddledome at dusk.
I then stopped out side of a music store on McLeod Trail that has a large neon guitar in front.  After taking the photo I did some post work in the app Laminar creating a layer mask and offsetting it to give some depth to the image.
Feb. 13  A last minute photo to keep my consecutive streak alive.  I used a macro tube on the 24-70mm lens and the Canon 7D.  I brought the file onto the iPhone and used the grunge filter in Snapseed for the effect.  It has proven to be one of the more liked images that I have posted on the photo sharing sites.
Feb. 14  Luke was playing with his plastic balls creating his own ball pit using the couches.  He asked me to take his photo and then wanted me to use it for the Photo of the Day.
Feb. 15   A busy evening that started with these two shots of the sunset using the Canon 7D and my 70 - 200mm lens.  The colours are natural but I did do some cropping of the photo's using Snapseed on the iPhone.
Later I went down town to attend the publication launch of Seities magazine ( ).  It is the brain child of Sanja Likac (first photo), Francis A. Willey (second photo) and Kirsten White.  It is just one part of a larger plan that they are developing to celebrate traditional analogue photography.  I invite you to check out their website and learn more about their project.
As part of the launch there was some live music and I liked this washboard player and did another Hipstamtic Tintype photo on the iPhone.
Feb. 16  The lovely Suzanne graced my wedding photography class as a subject. It was a pleasant day for February and we shot both inside Heritage Hall and out in front of the building as well as in the parkade.  The first four photo's were shot on the Canon 7D and then brought on to the iPhone for additional post production.

We were fortunate to have one of the student's boyfriend, David, to join us so we were able to do a few couple shots.  I did the post on the above and immediate below image using the Laminar app.  I was very happy with the way the conversion to monochrome turned out using it.
This photo was shot using the Hipstamatic app and the tintype pak.
Feb. 17  Spinning top.  Cool got a new toy out of a Kinderegg and I wanted to experiment with motion and the iPhone.  It came out very interesting and I did do a little enhancing using snapseed.
Feb. 18   A macro Monday.  A theme of Chocolate.  I took one of the mini Hershey bars from Cool's Valentine candy and placed a chocolate chip on it.  I used the Canon 7D with a macro tube on the 24-70 and studio strobe for the lighting.
When I do multiple projects I don't want to use the same photo for both.  Since the above was part of a challenge I looked for something else.  I noticed that on the Orchid plant that had buds growing one of the blooms was starting to open.  I shoot this one as my Photo of the Day.
Feb. 19   I had a trip to the dentist to have a root canal done.  While laying there under the effect of the Nitro-us Oxide I pulled out the iPhone and shot a photo of me.  I look like a fighter pilot.
In the evening I was waiting for the boys at their weekly choir practice and was a little bored.  So as I looked around I saw a little spigot on the fire hose.  So to pass the time I took a photo from underneath it and worked on it in snapseed.
Feb. 20  Another opening and a couple more portraits of local photographers.  This is Jan Boydol at her show that is hanging at Resolution Gallery on tenth street.  This is the last show at this venue as the building is slated for demolition.   Jan's photo's are figurative in nature and wonderfully done.
The other artist showing at Resolution is Bell Peters whose work from his travels to Paris are quite exquisite.
This final shot was taken downtown in front of the Bow Building of a new piece of art work.  Many photo's have been taken by other photographers and here is my take on it.  I purposely positioned the tree in the composition as I liked the juxtaposition it gave.

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