Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little macro work.

I choose to break out the Canon 7D with the 24-7- f2.8 to do some close up and Macro photo's tonight.  I chose this shell as the subject and shot it a few different ways.  After viewing the results I settled on these two images.

The first of the full shell was processed after being downloaded to the computer and then brought back to the iPhone where I used the app Noir to do the B&W conversion.  I added the frame using snapseed and then saved it back to my hard drive.
Using the 20mm macro tube I then moved in for this tight shot of the interior of the shell.  I liked the lines and having the shallow depth of field helps to keep the eye in the centre.  I finished up the photo by using OnOne's "perfect suite 6" to add the edging that added to the feel I was trying to achieve.

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