Monday, April 15, 2013

A few student portraits.

One of the fun things about my classes at SAIT is that I believe on the Hands On approach.  That is why I schedule three days of shooting in the basic lighting class and 5 in the advanced lighting class (these are 6 week courses).  AS such I am always looking for people to come in and be subjects.

Tonight's advanced lighting class we were working mixing light sources using strobe on our subjects and tungsten light sources and cookies on the background.  A former student, Cooper, has been kind enough to come in to class in the past and returned tonight.  I created this profile shot as I liked the way his mohawk stood out from this angle.
I usually set up to rooms so that we can split the group up and give more opportunities to shoot.  We didn't have a subject for this side so the students took turns posing for each other.  I photographed two of them, Nikki and Matt and enjoyed these results.

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