Saturday, April 13, 2013

The joy's of teaching.

I have had the honour and privilege of teaching at SAIT for 13 years now.  Even though it may seem to be old hat, each session always is different and has it's own flow. Now I have been fortunate to have great students over the years and they have brought wonderful subjects to work with.  Someday's there is a nice rhythm to the lecture or shoot.

On other's things seem to take time to develop and the energy level is different.  These can be a challenge and there is no real reason as to why this happens.  Today was one of those days and it took a bit of work for me to get things on track.  Once I dealt with some of technical questions about working on location with available light I was able to move on to suggestions of how to make some more unique images.

We had two lovely couples. Don and Denean who have been married 10 years came in dressed in their wedding outfits.  I took these two shots of Denean as she jumped and moved around so the student's could see that photo's don't have to be static

Our other couple, Tina and Brian, are getting married next month and we did engagement type photo's for them.  In these three shots we looked for different angles and moods of the happy young couple.  Working in Heritage hall on the SAIT campus provided many opportunities to have fun with especially on a cold and wet day.

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