Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The trials of the Photo a Day challenge.

While I have been faithful in shooting a photo a day for around 870 days I have been neglecting my blog and sharing the photo's.  Over the next four or five days I will share images I created over the past 5 weeks. 

Some day's the project is more trying then others and a lot depends on where I am at and how busy I am with my family.  Still I try to keep my eyes open and to have at least my iPhone and it's camera available to me.  Other times I use my Canon 7D and the various tools that I have available with that system.  Still it becomes difficult on those day when I am around my home then when I have a chance to get out and about. Yet I will continue to persist and keep this project going as long as I can.

April 17 - Sand dollar in macro.  Canon 7D, 24-70 with extension tubes.
April 18 - A walk around the neighbourhood.  As preparation for running the marathon I started to do long walks.  The first photo of the cactus was taken at the Walmart at Northland Mall.
The next five were on the pathway between my home and the mall all these photo's were taken with the iPhone.

This photo was taken with the 7D and the extension tubes once again of this strange little bug as it climbed up our front window.  I combined two of the photo's in frametastic after I transferred the files to my iPhone.
April 19 - Three more iPhone photo's on my daily walk along a different route.

April 20 - Canon 7D photo of a starfish from our shell collection on a black piece of velvet.

April 21 -  Discarded mini liquor bottle on the pathway behind my house.  iPhone photo using the Hipstamatic app and the tintype filter.
April 22 - Another photo taken late on a busy day of one of the toys from my boy's Skylander's collection.  Canon 7D.
April 23 - A walk around the neighbourhood of Kensington here in Calgary.  Dome of the buildings and street scenes from the area captured with the iPhone.

This bowl of shells was in my youngest son's classroom and I took this iPhone capture when I was helping there in the afternoon.
Another weeks worth of photo's will be shared tomorrow.

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