Monday, December 30, 2013

Playing catch up ... again.

Where has the month gone.  December always seems to be a busy month with work, family and extra circular activities. So here I share my photo's created during this time period.  Thanks for taking the time to view them.

November 29.  Vegetables at Safeway.  The local grocery store is always a good place to get some quick images with the iPhone.  Some post processing was done here but the items are as I found them in the shop.
November 30.  Found this old abounded truck covered with graffiti.
A shot of our Christmas decorations this year.
December 1.  Adoration candles at the church.
December 2.  A shot of Brett from the Low Key session with my advanced lighting class at SAIT.
December 3.   Fern's and bamboo at a school.
December 4.  I saw the sun reflecting off of the cold air vent and liked how it looked like it was glowing from inside.
December 5.  Waiting in the empty church while my Cool helped to set up "Inn from the Cold" in the church mufti-purpose room..
December 6.  Some decorations on our tree.
And stockings on the banister.
December 7.  A quick visit to the pet store.
December 8.  Candy canes on the tree.
December 9.  I took my class from the Kerby Centre down to the Devonian Gardens for a quick field trip to work with their cameras.  I was able to get a few interesting shots myself.
December 10.  Some of my memorabilia.
December 11.  Doing some long exposures with a spinning lamp.  I then used the app Jazz to help with the abstract look.
December 12.  Time with my boy's, first a trip to Santa Claus.
Then to St. Luke's for the school advent mass.
December 13.  Teddy bear ornament.
December 14.  A white guitar.
December 15.  A banjo at Music makers.
Mother Mary portraits at St. Luke's.
December 16.  A modern circular lamp fixture in an old building.
December 17.  Some scenes around Knox United Church.
December 18.  Metal fence and snow.
December 19.  Christmas star.
December 20.  A few more ornaments on our tree.
December 21.  Glockenspiel at Music Makers.
Cool and Luke at the Christmas concert with the Cantare Children's Choir.
The pipe organ at Knox United Church.
December 22.  Candy Santa's sled racing.
December 23. A close up of our reindeer and penguin decorations.
December 24.  Cool and Luke in this year's Christmas pageant at church on Christmas Eve.
December 25.  A circular ornament.
December 26.  Took the boy's to a movie and they found Captain America's shield.
December 27.  Vase and shadow.
December 28.  Wilted Christmas Cactus flower.
December 29.  Ladle with reelection and shadow.
December 30.  Leaf with a blanket of snow flakes.

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