Friday, March 7, 2014

My wrap up on WPPI. Putting the Social back into Social media.

There are a lot of attendees at a WPPI conference and this does make it difficult to meet up with people if you have not made prior arrangements to get together.  There were a few friends I had intended to meet, but due to schedules we just never seemed to cross paths.
What was fun though was bumping into people whom I follow on Facebook or Instagram.  These are interesting as I don't follow a lot of people unless I truly enjoy their work. So it was kind of neat when I met two of them totally by random.  The first was Dawn Davis who recognized me first as she was coming to the GraphiStudio booth to do a presentation for them.  She recognized my name from my tag and gave me a hug and said thanks for liking her images on Instagram. We chatted for a bit and then went on with our event.
Later I spotted Walter van Dusen of Mystic Seminars whom I have been following on IG for a while as well.  I went to introduce myself and he spotted me, noticed my name and knew exactly who I was. WE had a nice conversation and his wife took our photo.  I said thank you and I look forward to seeing more of his work on-line.
These two encounters showed me that if you do want to be noticed by others you have to make your presence felt as well.  If you are following someone, let them know through the like button.  Otherwise why are they on your feed.  I don't have many on my social groups compared to others, but I truly want to see their work and endeavours.
On my return trip to Calgary it was nice to have one of my former students on the flight from Denver to Calgary.  Christina had been a student of mine 3 years or so ago and she has been working as a photographer ever since.  She also attended the show so we had a good chat about many issues on the way home.
In the long run I would say I had a good time at this years RFWPPI show and gained more skills both in my photography and my teaching.  I am looking forward to share this as I move forward.  Socially it was nice and it would have been even greater to have seen a few more of my friends there, but those who I did it was wonderful to chat and catch up.  Next time I attend I hope to have a little more time to spend with others and really have a good share of ideas.
The following are the photo's I took during my time in Las Vegas.  I did not go overboard as I am not one to shoot a large number of images.  I also was looking to create images that are a little different from the 100's of thousands of photo's being taken every day on the strip.
March 2.  The flower I took at church in the morning before I left using the iPhone,
I knew I wanted to do my Sunday Self-portrait on the strip and at 11:00 at night outside of the New York New York resort I used the GoPro to capture this shot with the strip behind me.
March 3.  Spent the evening waling 15km up and down the strip. Shoot these with the Canon 7D and the ISO was 1600 with shutterspeeds around 1/160 at f5.  The first is the Bellagio fountain show.
This shot of the Harley Davidson CafĂ© is a combination of two images, one for the bike coming out of the wall and the other for the neon lights.  Combined the two in photoshop.
Framed the Paris Resort Eifel Tower between two palm trees and then used a little fill flash to light the trees.
March 4. Another walk up and down the strip, this time taking daytime sights.
March 5.  Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight and I did a couple of iPhone captures for the images for today.
March 6.  After getting home at 2:00 in the morning and then handling a bunch of things at home and outside I did this shot with the iPhone of some of the items I picked up at WPPI.

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