Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WPPI day 2. Taking stock and getting inspiration.

At a large conference such as WPPI you will encounter photographers at every level. From the wide eyed 1st time attendee who has just started their career to the seasoned professional. Even those who don't attend make their thoughts be known about the event. The truth is these types of conferences truly are what you make of them. They can be a source of frustration, about equipment that is unobtainable (the tradeshow can do that to you) or the questioning of the abilities of others and how come they are successful.

For me though I find conferences like this a chance for reflection and inspiration. Yesterday I went and listened to Dane Sanders in the morning and it was one of those talks that makes you take stock. One does not have to agree with every aspect of the speakers talk, but there are always points that can help you if you are willing to listen. At this stage of my life/career I am looking at what direction I want to head and these types of presentations are helpful.

After the presentation I decided that I need some inspiration and some time away from the show. This is one of the good things about Las Vegas, if you are willing to search it out their are some great galleries to visit.  Peter Lik has 4 of them in various casinos and I always like to check them out and be inspired by the large landscape images by this master.  Art Wolfe has a gallery as well though I almost missed it as they changed the name since the last time I was here as well as the other photographers involved. It was interesting to see some work by Art that was very different then what he is known for. Finally it was good to see a new addition of Jeff Mitchum and his gallery in the MGM Grand. Seeing this work takes me back to some of my earliest photography work.

The night was wrapped up by a fine event hosted by Canon Canada with a nice meal and a chance to chat with photographers from home. It is good to see and hear that there are those who are making it work even in these competitive times. Again one can find inspiration in any situation if you just look.

Today I will be heading home, but I have enough time for another speaker and sometime checking out the competition prints. There will also be time to walk the tradeshow floor one last time.  Tomorrow when I am back in Calgary I will share my final thoughts on WPPI as well as the photo's I have taken these past few days.

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  1. Agreed, the Jeff Mitchum gallery is great. Have you checked out the Rodney Lough Jr gallery at the Mandarin Oriental? Some captivating stuff.