Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspired by Edward Weston.

As I work on my lecture for my History, Art and Culture class at SAIT I find that I am rediscovering and being influenced by some of the masters of photography.  Today it was Edward Weston and his work with shells and plants.  So working with the iPhone I composed these two images.  The above was a shell that I have in my collection and I put it on a mirror that was placed on top of a black piece of matt board.  Then I used a large piece of white foam core to eliminate a distracting reflection, add some fill  and then create the wonderful a background.I then used Snapseed to correct the colour balance, darken the image, crop it and add the frame.
Earlier in the day I was out in the yard with Luke and I really liked the way the tulips looked as they start pushing up and getting ready to bloom.  I moved in close looking at how the larger leaves framed the small bud knowing that I would convert the image into a black & white shot.  Once opening and cropping in Snapseed I went to the B&W filter where I used the Orange filter and then worked on the exposure and contrast to get this result. I then posted it as my "tadaa Today" photo.

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