Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three shots for three sites.

Last yeas I started the Photo a day challenge and decided to continue it as the "Instagram 366" project.  So far I have shot at least one photo a day since December 31, 2010.  Along the way this year I have added to new apps that I have talked about, tadaa and Streamzoo.  I have also decided to try and shoot a different image for each of them.  So this brings me to three photo's a day on my agenda.  Only on my blog and facebook page will you see all three shots.  Here are today's entries.
Walking through the produce department at Safeway I saw a few interesting vegetables I thought would make great subjects.  As I was taking the photo's a couple noticed and I told them I was creating "iPhone Art".  We talked I showed them some of my images and told them I would be lecturing at the public libraries in the fall.  The above image of the vine ripe tomato's was my Instagram 366 photo and was minimally processed in Snapseed.  I only cropped and used the centre focus filter to soften and darken the edges.  The colours are as recorded.

The corn on the cob was my "tadaa Today" image.  I cropped and softened the edges in Snapseed and then used Wood Camera to rotate and add a texture to the photo before using RealCamera+ for the frame.
Driving up to the garage I noticed that one of the tulips had started to open and headed out to take a photo. I used my body to cast a shadow and soften the light. After bringing the image into Snapseed I cropped it and again used the centre focus app to darken the edges as well as the selective adjust to darken the concrete wall of the house.  I then posted this to Streamzoo.

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