Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rolando Gomez Workshop Day 2

Today was the second day of the CIFP workshop that I organized with Rolando Gomez. Once again it was a busy day and I spent a lot of time running from floor to floor. In between I was able to shoot a couple of image with the iPhone and I also shot some with the Canon 7D. The above is my Instagram 366 image for today and after shooting with the iPhone I brought it into Snapseed where I changed the white balance and then added a vintage filter to it.

My "tadaa Today" image below was a close up of Tatiana and was also shot with the iPhone. I did some cropping in Snapseed and used vintage filter 2 to which gave a more natural color to her skin and smoothed it out as well.

I will be posting some images shot with the 7D in a day or two once I have a chance to work with them. Right now it was a full and tiring day and I need to take get some sleep.

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