Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative under pressure.

After a busy weekend it was a hectic Monday as well. Beside taking care of the family it was the start of a new session of my Advanced Lighting class at SAIT. Since I have used images from the first night of this class in the past I did not want to repeat again tonight. This put me under pressure having not shot an image with only 1 hour before the end of the days. Fortunately I saw that the Christmas Cactus had a bloom on it so I decide this would be my Instagram 366 photo for today. So after refining the light and Isolating the flower against a neutral background I shot a couple of frames and then opened one in Snapseed. After cropping and exposure adjusting I used vintage filter #1 which gave the right impressionistic look I was hoping for.

Next was my image for "tadaa Today' Looking around I noticed the first camera I ever used sitting on my shelf. I brought the camera and placed it on top of my red fridge where there is some good light and shot a couple of compositions. Once I made my choice I opened it in Snapseed, cropped and added a little grunge. It gave a look that fit the age of the camera.

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