Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Downtown adventure.

I had an extremely full day today as I was running around with a bunch of different family activities. The last event on the list was to pick Lysa and a friend up at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts after a show by Indian Percussionist Zakir Hussain. So we headed downtown after Cool's choir practice and since it finished early had to wait for about a half hour. I found a place to park on Stephen Avenue right in front of the centre and we waited. It was a nice evening so I shut the engine off and left the radio on and the charger was hooked up to Luke's iPod so he could play. So when I got the call from Lysa I told her where we were and went to start the car. Low and behold the battery was drained enough that it would not turn the engine over. Fortunately some nice ladies offered to give us a boost yet when we opened my hood we could not find the battery. We looked and looked and finally I told them they could leave and I would contact the AMA. They were very efficient and a tow truck arrived in less then 30 minutes. The driver went to my car and also looked for it and of course could not find it right away either. Finally we decided to open a panel and after unscrewing three screws we found the battery hidden underneath. Now I do like my Saturn and have had three of them over the years and never had any problems, but whoever decided that they should "hide" the battery like this was an idiot. It showed me why they went out of business with engineering ideas such as this.

Any way, today's Instagram 366 was taken of the entrance to the Epcor Centre while waiting for the tow truck at about 10:00 in the evening with the iPhone. I liked the lights but found some of the background distracting so I used a little grunge to soften and hide the edges using Snapseed.

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