Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can't go wrong with flowers.

My world is pretty condensed at this time. Basically it revolves around home, work (SAIT) and the boy's activities (school, choir, dance). It is pleasant but it does make a challenge to find something to photograph every day. So it is not uncommon to see me with the iPhone in hand looking for something while I am out shopping. As such I always find the floral department at Safeway an area of opportunity to collect new images. As we move into spring we are seeing a greater variety of flower types thus offering more opportunities. I am still amazed by the close up capabilities of the iPhone and because it is discreet I can quickly capture the shots I desired. My Instagram 366 shot was cropped in Snapseed but otherwise was not enhanced other then a little bit of contrast.

The following three images are for my "tadaa Today" project. I decided to work with some of the filters and frames to see what they look like. The first is pretty straight with only a slight brightness and contrast change and then a frame that I felt matched the colors.

The second I rotated the image and then cropped it tight using the 16:9 ratio, Laika filter and the Fotoautomat frame. Now one of the features that is unique to tadaa is that you can preview all these features as you compose the shot and use them at the time of capture. I still choose to shot with the iPhone's native camera and then do my post processing later, but this is an interesting feature.

My final shot was done of the red and yellow peppers in the produce department. To achieve the result below I used the U-Bahn filter to get the tones I wanted in a Black & White image. The frame was Mockba which also adds a texture to give an old time feel to it.

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