Monday, January 21, 2013

A 36 1/2 hour long day.

So many time's you hear people say, "If only I could have more hours in a day".  Today, January 21, 2013 my family and I experienced a day that when complete will end up being 36 1/2 hours long.  It started at midnight in the Bengaluru airport and will end tonight at midnight here in Calgary.  During this day we experienced a four hour wait in Bengaluru for our delayed flight to Frankfurt.  Once on the plane we had a 10 hour flight which was only complicated by a snow storm that hit Europe that night.

We sat for another hour on the tarmac before they could get us a gate to park the plane.  Our arrival time coincided with our next flight to Calgary.  Hoping that it to was delayed we raced from terminal 1 to terminal 2 having to clear two passport control areas and security.  We were very fortunate to reach the gate as they were getting set to close the doors as the de-icing trucks were about to arrive.  Once they did 1/2 hour after we got on the plane it took an hour to remove the snow and ice from the wings, tail and fuselage.  Then we embarked on a 10 hour flight home.

This is one of the joys of travel and I write this having arrived home safely with 41/2 hours left before the 22nd.  In all we have been in transit since 4:00 am on the 20th as we had to drive to Cochin to catch our flight and then had a 19 hour layover in Bengaluru.

I leave you with these final images from our trip created from the plane or at the airport.  I have included the final image created using Snapseed and the original iPhone photo for the first two shots taken on the first flight out of Cochin on the 20th.
These last three were taken in Frankfurt on the 21st.

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