Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little break yesterday, back today.

One of the things we take for granted living in Canada is the abundant supply of energy.  When we lose power it is generally due to some sever weather related incident.  However her in India it is an everyday affair.  With more than one billion citizens the demand is far greater then supply.  So twice a day there is a schedule black out for 1/2 an hour.  This generally helps to prevent bigger, longer outages and allows one to schedule around these events.

Yesterday though was one of those where the power was out for an extended time.  It was not a big deal for me as I can get by without the internet and other electrical devices for a day.  My boy's though had a little rougher time as though they were able to entertain themselves the heat was more of a problem.  Now while we don't have AC there are a number of ceiling fans that do the job nicely.  Without them though and temperatures above 34C it was a challenge.  Needless to say when the power came on late in the afternoon none of us had much energy to do much of anything.  I did share yesterday's photo's on the different social media sites, but I took a break from writing here.

So I share photo's from yesterday and today in this post.  The first two here are of my wife's niece Divya who is also here for the wedding.  She bought a new skirt today and was so thrilled to show it off.  She looked cute and I decided to take some photo's for here.  The light coming through the windows was  wonderful and she had taken this pose as she was going to demonstrate a dance for us.  I had her hold the pose and made some minor adjustments to capture this wonderful photo.
I combined two more photo's of her using Frametastic on the iPhone.  I had shot the original photo's with the Canon 7D and uploaded them to my computer.  After some minor adjustments I downloaded them to the iPhone and combined one portrait photo and one of her dancing in to this diptych. 

These three images where shot yesterday just around the exterior of the house.  My wife had taken her parents and friend in to town and I was home during the power outage taking care of Cool and Luke.  All of the photo's were taken with the 7D, however the first one I did manipulate in Snapseed after I brought it back into the iPhone.  It is of the chains that hang from the down spouts on the house to direct the rain in to the drains.  I had positioned the camera near to the chains and used narrow depth of field to give a perspective I liked.  In Snapseed I know one of the grunge styles would enhance and help with the interest, giving it a more pleasing tone that I really liked for the photo.

Today I was able to get away from the house myself for the first time as I went into Thrissur with my brother-in-law and a couple of other relatives so they could do some shopping.  So while the girls shopped, Wilson and I walked around the centre grounds where the annual Thrissurporam festival takes place each spring.  At this time some 60 - 80 elephants converge on the plaza an a ritual that dates back centuries.  No while this event is a long ways off, they do still have some elephants on the temple grounds.  Here I captured one shot as well as a photo of one of the trucks used to transport the elephants to various festivals.

This photo is a semi-panoramic of State Highway 22 on our way in to town.  This is actually one of the quieter stretches but gives you a bit of the perspective of the roads here.
On our way in we had to make a short stop and while I was waiting I noticed this gentleman cutting iron rods at a metal works business.  What struck me is how he would be doing this with no safety equipment of any kind.  I know this is common over here, but would not be tolerated in Canada.
The final shot here is an iPhone image of one of the bigger shopping complexes in Thrissur.  There are five levels but only two elevators in the building.  This one in the centre court was decorated as was the walls on the side.  I like the perspective and look I was able to achieve and enhance using Snapseed.

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