Monday, January 7, 2013

A second look.

Sometimes when you are around a place for a while one has to take another look at what is around them.  We have been home in India for a week now and I have walked the same paths many times.  The first number of days things just jumped out at me and I was able to snap at leisure.  Now as I see the same thins I need to look a little deeper, a second look so to speak.

As I walked around our house on the hill I spotted a couple of flowers I had not seen earlier.  The first was easily recognized as a type of Bird of Paradise.  The challenge here was to isolate it from a busy background as well as the side of the house.  I like the way this composition turned out.
I then found this flower around the front of the building and was attracted to it's unique look.  One of the challenges is identifying the species of all the flowers here.  Unfortunately my relatives can't seem to help with this so I will have to work on this when I return home.  What caught my eye here was the bloom and the bud right next to it that will more likely be in flower tomorrow.  Both of these were shot with the Canon 7D, downloaded and re-sized to upload on to the iPhone for the framing in Snapseed and then shared online.
Looking back at the house I saw this wonderful reflectionin the window that shows what our view is like.  This photo was done with the with the iPhone and post processed using some of Streamzoo's features.
As I was walking down the hill form our house I noticed this sign for the electrical system.  It allowed me to record the actual name of the district where we are located as well as show the only protection from the danger above. One of those distinct differences between Canada and India.

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