Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring is for nature.

I continue to try and walk as a chance both to stay in shape and to find things to photograph.  Today was a particular good day as I found numerous interesting subjects, most of which involved plants or flowers.  The first two photo's are of something I felt was very unique, how nature had reclaimed things that man had made.  I remember reading something a number years back a theory of how plants and animals would adapt and thrive if man had ever been eliminated from the environment.  This metal pipe remnant and the plant pushing up through the asphalt shows the persistence of the species.
Then I found this tree growing inside a metal telephone box that had been abandoned.  Now I don't know what would happen to these plants if left to grow without being disturbed, but I will try to watch over the next few years.
I also found a variety of flowers today.  Now I will be the first to admit that I am no horticulturist but with so many different types to photograph I really do have to find a way to learn the names of what I am taking images of.

June 10  After a long day at home I was looking for something to photograph so I did not break my consecutive streak.  I noticed this stack of Kodak products sitting on my shelf and thought they were interesting.  I came in close with the iPhone and then did a little post processing using snapseed.

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