Sunday, June 9, 2013

The story is in the details.

Although it is nice to always see the big picture in the world around us sometime we have to marvel at the fine details around us.  I think this is why I have been recording the little things around me for the last number of months.  It has been more interesting to look for the little things in my environment and thus focus my attention there.  Here are the images from the past four days.

June 6  My son made this Totem Pole as part of his social studies class on the indigenous people of Canada,  In total it is close to 5 feet tall and I was happy to see that he had paid attention to the finer points and using a number of elements of native culture in his design.
June 7  While at the boy's school I photographed these hand bells that were to be part of a performance for the volunteer appreciation brunch.
I then turned my attention to the flowers on the table and knew exactly how i wanted to crop this image as well as turning it to sepia tone before i snapped the image with the iPhone.
June 8  I was doing some yard work and cleaning up around the backyard when I discovered these two wasp's nest remaining from last year.  The first was large (about 8 times as big as the second) and I found it looked like a small planet.  Both photo's taken with the Canon 7D and 24-70 mm lens.
This one I used the extension tubes on the lens to get a close up look.
June 9  We are starting to get a few more new blooms in the garden in the front yard.  All three photo's were taken with the 7D and 24-70 mm lens.
For this flower I took this angle first with the sun coming in from the front as I liked how it brang out the colours.
I then noticed that there was a nice back light coming through the flower.  I had to carefully lean against the branches of the rose bush to capture this image.

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