Monday, October 7, 2013

Gone walkabout.

 This quaint Australian term brings visions of grand adventures and discovering new places and things.  However it is also a good idea for those of us who only need a few hours and a chance to rediscover what is around of.  These past two day's I had the opportunity to take sometime and take some short walks.  Here are the results of my walkabouts.

October 6.  I took a walk with Cool in Baker park as he searched for leaves for a school project.  While he did this I was watching for opportunities for photographs.  The graffiti inside one of the storm sewers and the fall colours caught the majority of my attention.  However I did notice a bike rack as well and experimented with the Hipstamatic app for the last photo in this series.
October 7.  Today's walk was part of my class I am teaching at the Kerby Center.  I took a group of ten seniors out for a walk down by the Bow River down to the Peace Bridge and back.  Along the way I answered questions they had about their cameras but also showed them how I see and observe the world around me.  There were many objects of art that have been commissioned and as these were new to me it is where I focused on.  All these  images were shot with the Canon 7D except for the last which was done with the iPhone.

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