Friday, October 11, 2013

A bit of variety.

In this modern age of photography you here more and more that one has to specialize in order to be successful.  This may be true in some cases and when I was running my studio I did just that.  Portraiture was my specialty and I was pretty good at it.  However after 15 years doing this I became a little tired and choose to cut back.  This did not mean I stopped shooting, as those of you who follow my writ tings and  photo's can attest, but just changed directions.

I have rediscovered the joy of just taking photo's for myself and what I want.  These last four days show some of the variety of subjects found to create my photo of the day.

October 8.  Luke had pulled out this old alphabet puzzle and had left it sitting in the middle of the basement.  I was attracted by the colours and the letters and turned the iPhone on it.  Some post work in Snapseed gave it a little pop.
October 9.  A portrait of Breanna from my basic lighting class SHe has been coming into model for my classes at SAIT for about nine years now and is always lovely to work with.  She had a new haircut on this evening and I wanted to play with the hair over one eye to give a sense of mystery.
October 10.  My second walk this week.  This time with my class from the Greater Forest Lawn Seniors Center.  We went to the Inglewood but found that it was still closed due to the flooding this past June. So we went for a hike along the bike path that runs between the sanctuary and the rail lines.  This interesting engine appeared on the tracks and I felt it would ake an interesting image as I had never seen a shuttle wagon before.  Shot on the Canon 7D but post processed with Snapseed on the iPhone.
The rain then started that afternoon and when I was on my way to SAIT for my evening class I saw this lone leaf stuck to my windshield.  A quick snap with the iPhone made for an interesting shot.
October 11.  I noticed that the moon had risen early this evening and was very visible against the blue sky.  I have seen a lot of photo's of the moon taken at night, but thought this might be a little different.  I shot this at 200 ISO, 1/800 sec, f5.6 on the Canon 7D with a 2X converter on my 70-200 lens.  It is cropped in and frames but no other post work was done.

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