Monday, November 11, 2013

A month flies by.

The last 31 days flew past so fast and was full of activities that I found no time to post to my blog.  In fact there were days when I came close to failing to take a photograph and thus ending the streak.  However that did not happen and here I share the photo's from the past month.

October 12 Flower and firetruck.  Found these during a walk around Crowfoot Crossing.  iPhone photo's
October 13 Hibiscus flower and fall colours.  I noticed our Hibiscuc plant was back in bloom and used my 70-200mm lens on the 7D to photograph the flower from across the room.  An aperture of f5 through the leaves on the bushes outside out of focus giving this nice warm background.
October 14.  Thanksgiving day and our family meal made for the image of the day.
October 15.  A close up of my eye as I noticed my brow had a funny upward swoosh.  I converted the image to B&W and then brought back my natural eye colour.
October 16.  A couple of close-ups.  The first of a key pad at SAIT where the glow of the numbers caught my eye.
Latter when I returned home I poured a glass of chocolate milk and noticed the bubbles.  Using a straw I made more of them creating an interesting pattern.
October 17.  I demonstrated palladium and cyanotype printing to my History class at SAIT.  I recorded the process and the results.
October 18.  Ginger root study in Black & White.
October 19.  I took a 5 km walk around the downtown core while waiting for the boy's dress rehearsal for that evenings choir concert.  I shot the first 7 photo's with the iPhone during this walk.
In the evening I captured two photo's of my boy's on stage with the 7D and the 70-200mm lens.
October 20.  Cool and I retraced the 5km I walked the day before as we searched for some needy people and give them a bag lunch.  This is part of a project that Cool hopes to do on various Sunday's as a way of giving back.
October 21.  Election day.  I worked one of the polling stations and we were not allowed to use our phones while in the polling station.  My day lasted 18 hours as I started at 9:00 am and finished at 3:00 am the next morning.  I thought I might end the streak there, but found a few minutes about 10:30 pm in the evening to take a quick shot of an interesting mural in the school lobby just outside the polling area.
October 22.  Leaves silhouetted against the setting sun.  7D and the 70-200mm lens.
October 23.  Experimenting a little with a blue gel on my light table, a key as the subject with light from the table bounced back on it with a mirror.  Adjusted the white balance to 8000K to warm the reflected light.
October 24.  We Day.  Cool was fortunate to attend this event with 19 of his classmates. Here he is infront of the school upon returning from the Saddledome in his hand made, tie-dyed t-shirt.
That same morning I shot these three photo's as part of my lesson in seeing what is around one to my seniors class.  These flowers were in front of the building and the shadow on the lamp was inside.

Later that evening one of the stuffed toys from the movie "UP" caught my attention and I recorded this image.
October 25.  Close up of one of the last Roses on our bush outside as it started to wilt in the fall weather.
October 26.  A vintage 1966 Chevy Nova.
October 27.  Scenes in the backyard after the first snowfall of the winter.
October 28.  Breanna from the first night of my Advanced Lighting Class at SAIT.
October 29.  Dance night at the Varsity Community Centre.  I noticed the ice on the front of one of the cars out front and ran out to take a photo.  Some young girls were watching and wondering what I was doing.  They were amazed by the results.
Since it was parent watching night I also was able to get a few photo's of Cool and Luke during their class.
October 30.  I helped Cool make a cake to take to school for Halloween.  Here is his finished eyeball cake.
October 31.  A coat rack at the Senior centre as another example of making something interesting out of something ordinary.
A series of images of some of the Jack-O-Lanterns we encountered on out Halloween walk.
November 1.  At the cineplex seeing the movie "Free Birds" with the boy's.  The pattern of these ketchup cups made a unique composition.
November 2.  Back walking around Crowfoot Crossing while Cool had his guitar lesson at Music Makers.  I found a number of items to train the lens of my iPhone on.
November 3.  A shot of the family out front of the house on a snowy Sunday morning.
Back to Music Makers for Cool's vocal lessons.  The reflection in the guitars was interesting to me.
As were the icicles hanging of the bottom of a parked car.
November 4.  Jenna at my Advanced Lighting class at SAIT.  Mixing strobe and tungsten light sources and casting shadows on the background.
November 5.  Another day where it was not till late in the evening before I found my subject.  These little shampoo bottles on the edge of the bath tub kept the streak alive.
November 6.  Luke made a chain of paper rings and asked me to take a photo and make it the photo of the day.  His suggestion was a good one and with a little post processing made it jump.
November 7.  The first showing of the movie "Thor, The Dark World".  They had little figures that came with your soft drink and I took it's photo with the ticket in the background.  This photo garnered over 6500 views on Mobli.  Typically my photos average around 150 views.
November 8.  A little post processing with Snapseed of this capture with the iPhone made these teddy bears snap.
November 9.  A gold fabric flower decoration we had, positioned with the black couch behind it made for a nice composition.
November 10.  A couple of abstracts.  Glass vases at Chapters in Crowfoot and guitars at Music Makers.  Both shot with the iPhone and processed in Snapseed.
The rose bush outside our window as winter takes it toll on it.  Canon 7D.  First photo with the 70-200mm lens and with the 24-70mm for the second.

November 11.  The back side of a lamp I noticed while waiting for Cool at choir practice.  The light on the various parts was fascinating to me.

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