Thursday, November 14, 2013

The wonderful photographic community.

I have loved photography since I was a child and have always endeavored to be active with in the photo community.  I use to attend meetings, camera clubs, seminars, workshops and conventions on a regular basis.  Thus it has been hard the last few years as my time has become a premium as my family and my work as a teacher makes it difficult to attend all these events that I once use to.

While the time I spend with my students at SAIT is wonderful and gives me a chance to share those moments are me passing my knowledge of photography along to others.  Facebook and other social media have allowed me to become part of a larger virtual community yet it is not as personal.  Now don't get me wrong, I have developed some great friends in both of these, but I find I am longing for more.

That is why it was so great to be able to attend a gathering of CAPIC members at their monthly meeting.  It was a last minute decision so I was not totally prepared so I was more of an observer than a participant.  This though is what I needed, a chance to sit back, observe, absorb and frankly to learn myself.  A long time friend and wonderful photographer, Greg Gerla, has been exploring the wet plate process which I have been fascinated with.  While I have read about the process and viewed videos on the subject I have not been privy to learn directly from someone who is doing it personally.

It was enjoyable to hear Greg talk about his experiences and some of the factors that are involved in creating an image using this traditional photographic method.  I learned so much about the the process, how UV light is an important factor and how lenses with out UV coatings are an important part of making the wet plate method work.  His explanation on learning and becoming comfortable with the process before worrying about subject mater made a lot of sense. 

I needed this gathering tonight.  A chance to rejuvenate the soul and to discover the camaraderie of ones peers.  I hope I can make more time to become active in the community once again.

Today's photo of the day was another of those fleeting moments.  I noticed a shaft of sunlight hitting a peacock feather we have as a decoration in our living room.  It gave a nice shimmer to the colours in the feather and I wanted to photograph it.  I rushed down stairs and grabbed my 7D and got back just in time to get off three frames before the light was gone.  I like the result and am glad that I was able to get the photo.

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