Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simple shots.

Photography is actually very simple.  The key is to be prepared and to have one's eyes always open.  The camera is less important then the users sense of observation.  The two images I present here today are a couple of my examples of this thought.

November 12.  We had an incredible sunset this evening and I was out with Cool at his dance class.  I noticed the sky and the colours it was shifting to.  I knew I had little time so I grabbed my iPhone and ran to the parking lot.  There was a lot of water left after the weekend snowfall and I wanted to get the sky reflecting in it.  I saw the tree and positioned my iPhone close to the ground in order to fill the frame.  The photo here is close to the way the iPhone saw it with only a little darkening of the sky done in iPhoto.
November 13.  Looking for something interesting to photograph this evening I picked up one of the many elephant statuettes we have collected.  I took it down to the studio and used an Octobox on my Balcar light as the main source.  I shot with the Canon 7D at 1/250 sec and f5.6 at 100 ISO.  After taking the photo I downloaded it to the computer and then on to my iPhone.  I used Snapseed to soften the edges with the center focus filter and then added some grunge to bring in the tonal range I wanted.

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