Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fun Photo Techniques.

I down loaded OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite 8 beta version the other day and put the features that I like best to the test with the photo's I am showing here. This is the third version of Perfect Photo suite that I have and I still use versions 6 and 7 from time to time.  I will be honest that I don't use all the features available and use the program mostly for adding frames to my images.  I find the new version is a little bit more intuitive then the previous two but that I need all three as the frames in each version are different.

I still have to test some other features of Perfect Suite and the one I am most interested in trying is the resize as I want to see how it will work for upresing some of my iPhone photo's for larger prints.  There does seem to be some good features for working on portraits which I will also explore.  Here are some of the results from my photo's from the past few days.

November 19.  I was looking for something to photograph for today's image and noticed our Christmas Cactus is in bloom.  I took it in to the studio and angled it against the Octobox to get the pleasing result you see in the first image.  On it's own I like the tones and subtlety of the pinks and was happy with the shot.
Once I brought the photo into Perfect Photo Suite I opened the frames window and started to look for one that would suit the photo.  I happened to click on one entitled "Tin Type Dirty" which intrigued me as I have developed an interest in the old wet plate collodion process.  I was pleasantly surprised with the result and felt the framing fit the contours of the flower.  I think I would like to try and get a print on a water clour paper of the image to see what it would look like.
November 18.  Monday night was one of my favourite class to teach in My Advanced Lighting course at SAIT.  This evening we were doing Painting with Light using flashlights, gels, a lightsabre (purchased in Disneyland) and a Canon speed light with a Gary Fong light sphere.  The early attempts with the flashlight by itself is always and interest experience and some nights I get great results and others not so much.  This evening was one of those nights and I was not as happy with the results.

However I was very happy with the way the next five images turned out.  On the first two images our lovely subject Diana used the lightsabre with a purple blade on it to swing around for about 30 seconds and then we hit her with a pop of light from the speedlight with the light sphere on it.  It took a number of tries but we got a number of fascinating images and these were my favourite two.
For these next three photo's we wrapped Diana in a white silk sheet.  I had two students hold the ends and move it up and down as I lit it with the flashlight.  Once I shut the flashlight off the students dropped the material behind her and we then did a pop of the flash.  We tried a few different loks and here are the results.
All five of these images were done with the camera mounted on a tripod and the shutter set to bulb.  Times varied from 30 to 45 seconds with an f stop of 8.  There was a little cleaning up in photoshop as the long exposure times showed some bad pixels in my sensor.  This is something I noticed is common as there are always a few bad pixel when you have 17 million of them.  Once this was done I added the frames using Perfect Photo Suite 8.

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