Thursday, November 21, 2013

A single shot.

I have talked to many photographers who have started the 365 day challenge only to give up well short of the goal.  I know it can be a struggle and being creative is difficult sometimes.  For those who feel they can't meet the challenge I would like to encourage you that all it takes is a single shot to keep your steak intact.  Having a smart phone with you makes it a lot easier and today's images are a good example of how I manage to do my photo a day even with a busy schedule.

November 20.  I had seen the subject for this day's photo the day previous but the lighting was not right.  Today as I walked by this turtle ride in the playground beside the boy's school the sun was just right and casting a wonderful shadow that completed the shot.  A quick iPhone capture that was brought in to Snapseed with a little grunge added to finish the image.
November 21.  I took Cool to his vocal coach this evening and while I was waiting to pick him up I noticed an interesting light fixture in her living room.  I just had a few seconds to snap a shot before Cool came out and we headed home.  Once I looked at the shot on my camera I noticed it was exactly the way I wanted and so the only post work I did was to crop and add the framing using Snapseed.

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