Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Entering the final quarter.

For business today would be the start of the 4th quarter.  For me it is the home stretch on the way to the end of the year and another successful completion of the photo a day challenge.  Life does have away of keeping one busy so sometimes I just have to get the images as they present themselves to me.  Here are My photo's from the last four days.

September 28.  I had to drive Luke out to choir camp for the day (Cool was already there and would be for the weekend) and since it was outside of the city I figured I would take my camera and try and take some photo's on my way back into town.  The morning was very overcast and not to conducive to nice landscape images.  Still I kept my eye's open for any opportunities that might occur.  Thus it led me to this photo as I had noticed the reflections in some of the ponds on the edge of the highway.  Once it was safe to stop I found a place to park my car and walked over to the water. Fortunately the sun decided to make a quick appearance and completed this composition.
September 29.  The boy's had a long day with the completion of choir retreat and and some other running around that I felt they deserved pizza for supper.  While waiting I shot this quick iPhone shot of the Caesar Dips display and made it jump using snapseed.  Sometimes everyday items can make for interesting photos.
September 30.  Taking a walk around St. Stephen's Anglican church looking for my photo's I came across these two scenes.  The shine off the pipes and the angles caught my attention and I captured this image.
Back inside the church I noticed that the stained glass windows looked especially strong as the sun was coming in from the right angle and the room was dark due to the renovations.
October 1.  While I was waiting at the school this afternoon I noticed this one houses flowers were hanging on despite the cooler fall temperatures.  Their was still some beauty left in them even thought they were starting to fade.

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