Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A fun time editing.

One of the most difficult things to do is to edit your own work.  It is difficult sometimes to cull our photos down to a few select images and it is harder on those who don't shoot indiscriminately.   I tend to think about myself in this manner as I don't just blast off random shots hoping to get a few good ones out of the bunch.  I generally take my time, think about what I am looking for, compose the photo and shoot just enough frames to get what I intended.
That is why it was a challenge to go through my files for the last year and a half or so to pick out what I wanted to add to my website.  I wanted a good variety with very little repetition and good representation of what I am capable of.  Now this update is to my catch all web-site, my brag site if you like.  This is the one I want to share with those interested in photography.  Thus there will be a larger number of galleries here.  My goal here is to showcase my work in general.  I will develop separate sites for specific clients later this spring.
Going through all these photo's allowed me to see my continued growth as a photographer.  The images would have appeared in my blog so if you have been following you will have seen them all. It was tough to look at and decide that some images did not warrant being on permanent display on my site.  Yet this is what one must do and you need a critical eye and strong conviction to say that some work was not as strong as you would have liked.
Yet it is through this process that helps one grow as a photographer.  When we first post and share an image everyday it is easy to think it is a wonderful photograph.  When we get good response on our photo's it is an affirmation on our abilities.  Thus when we revisit our files months later with a fresh and different set of eyes, we can be more objective and thus a little more critical.  This allows us to grow and improve and hopefully to create a stronger body of work as we move forward.
February 12  Another late evening shoot as the day went by very fast.  I spotted this Tonka Helicopter on the shelf and I placed it on some white foam packaging.  Using the 7D on a tripod I tried a variety of shutter speeds as I wanted to have some motion as I spun the rotter. Eventually I settled on 1/60 as it gave just the right amount of blur.
February 13  I had a little bit of time to go and shot while Cool was at his vocal coaching.  I thought I might try and get a shot of the downtown from a vantage point I had not been to before, but the lighting conditions were uninspiring.  As I walked back to the car I saw this downed sign and thought I could make it work as my photo for the day.
February 14  Valentines Day.  What a better subject then the box of chocolates I gave to my wife.  Shot with the iPhone and processed with snapseed.
February 15.  Luke and I visited the Petland store while we waited for Cool and his guitar lesson.  While Luke snapped away with his iPad I took these photo's with my iPhone.

Later that evening as I sat on the couch I noticed one of the cushions had become scrunched in an interesting way.  A quick iPhone capture with little post processing here gave a nice abstract feel.
February 16  My seventh in my Self Portrait Sunday series.  This image looking through a cracked window was to symbolize the contemplative mood I have been in as I plan to repair the cracks in my business.
February 17.  Visiting my brothers for a birthday party and spotted a couple of interesting pieces of art that I thought I could work with.  I carefully lined up this sculpture looking at the lines in the ceiling and walls and moving around until they intersected at the right spot.
This shot is actually of a lamp and painting however I like the way it becomes an abstract landscape with the choice of drop and post processing I used in snapseed.
February 18  Using a mirror and a blue backdrop I tented this miniature 747 that I had sitting on the shelf.  Shot with the 7D and the 24-70 at f5 to get some shallow depth of field.
February 19.  A morning walk in Edworthy Park by the railroad tracks netted these two photo's  .  The first I was looking up at the crossing lights and watching the clouds as they blew by, waiting for the right pattern to emerge.
I then trained the camera on the tracks (pup intended) and moved around to get the sun reflecting of the rails but positioning them with this composition in my viewfinder.

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