Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Playing with dolls.

Sometimes one has to use what one has available in order to be creative.  We have a number of knickknacks, figurines and toys that have been part of this project over the three years.  There are times when it is the subject that is the inspiration and other's where the light is. Here are two examples from the past two images for my photo a day challenge.
February 10.  I have been watching a fair amount of the Olympic coverage from Sochi, Russia.  I remembered we had a tiny set of the Nesting Dolls and thought they would make a good subject in honour of the games.  I wanted to create a slightly different look so I lined them up on my desk using the reflection of my computer monitor and the grain of the wood to create an interesting background.  I decided that today I wanted to use the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone and the BlackKeys Ultrachrome to give a brown tone to the image. I moved the camera around till I got the right angle and created this photo.
February 11.  I was walking out of my office and noticed the afternoon sun creating some lovely light patterns on the basement floor.  The surface area was small and I knew I would need a tiny subject to fit the light.  I grabbed a Nani figurine from the Lilo & Stitch movie (don't you love having kids, so many little collectibles become part of the toy box) as I found it interesting and would work with the area I had to shoot.  The sun was moving so I had to try several different positions to get the figure and the shadow just where I wanted.  I used my 70-200 @ 200mm on the Canon 7D so that I didn't come between the light and the subject.  Shooting at 100ISO, 1/125 sec at f 6.3 I moved my position around until the toy and it's shadow fell perfectly with in the light and shadows. I finished the image up using OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite 6.

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