Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 72, 365 Day Project

Today's images are from my SAIT advanced lighting class. The topic was "Painting with Light" and our lovely subject was Alora. I teach this style to my advanced students to help them add new tools to their box of tricks and to show them that you can use a variety of tools to light a subject. The first image was only created using a flash light as the light source. In this case it was a Maglight with black cine foil around it to act as a snoot. The pose is one of my favorites to demonstrate this technique, but tonight's outfit was absolutely my favorite for doing this style. To produce this shot I first told Alora how I wanted to move. Then we shut off the lights and everyone opened their shutters (all these images were on the bulb setting, f8, 400 ISO, my white balance was set to daylight). The first image I painted her entire figure moving the flashlight slowly up her. Once completing the first position, she moved her arms to position number two (middle) and I painted each arm stopping just below the shoulders. The position number 3 (arms above) and repeated step two. Shutters were then closed. and the lights turned back on. Exposure time for this image was 39 seconds.

For this image I took one off the survey triangles that were lying around the room and wrapped it in a rope light. Again I positioned Alora in a way that I felt was pleasing and would work with the object. Again the lights were shut off and the shutters opened, this time for 19 seconds (although the rope light was only plugged in for 4 seconds, took time finding the connection in the dark).

The final image was a suggestion of one of the students to gel the flash light. A long piece of white silk was waved in front with the flashlight hitting it at various points. Alora then positioned herself and a quick burst from a 580 EX II Speed light at 1/8th power and a Gary Fong Power snoot lit her. I love the effect seen here. Exposure time was 61 seconds.
All images were with the Canon 7D, 24-70 f2.8 using the OnOne DSLR remote app and server software hooked up to my lap top and triggered by my iPod touch.

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  1. wow - makes me want to experiment in painting with light. Very neat images Patrick!