Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 77, 365 Day Project

I had a very busy day today. Family photo shoot in the morning. Taught my Wedding Photography class at SAIT in the afternoon. In the evening we attended Cool's choir concert . Had so many images to choose from, but I settled on this one from my class at SAIT. Kealy was part of a couple that volunteered to be photographed by my class. We had two couples and an individual so this allowed me to split the class into smaller groups. I gave them all a basic demonstration and then went to each group to observe and give ideas/advice. While working on one of the catwalks I saw this lovely light coming through the railings and immediately thought of an idea for the bride by herself. I directed Kealy how to sit and then had her move her head and body till the light fell where I wanted it to. The result I felt was very pleasing.
Canon 7D, 70-200 f2.8 @ f8, 1/250 sec at 800 ISO. Focal length 70mm.

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