Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 74, 365 Day Project

It use to be that to be creative with imagery in the day's of film required you to be a bit of a darkroom technician. You had to know how to push, pull, cross process film. You had to understand burning, dodging, bleaching, toning, staining and a variety of other methods to prints. You had to retouch negatives and prints. The whole thing was time consuming, requiring patience and when you had to that the hazards of the chemicals used it was dangerous as well.

Enter the digital world and photoshop. We now found a safe and speedy way of reworking out images to get creative results. Still it is a slow and meticulous process that does have a bit of a learning curve.

Today with the advent of cameras in phones, gaming systems (Nintendo DS) and devices intended originally for listening to music (iPod's) and the quality of those devices becoming strong enough to make wonderful images a whole new world of opportunities is opened. With that we have the development of Apps that can perform a variety of tasks, looks and styles that are in essence mini-darkrooms. And with these apps we can take, process, change and publish our images in seconds. It has expanded our creative opportunities.

My images for today were taken with my iPod touch and then processed with two different app's. The first, third and forth images were done in "Pictureshow" and the second with "Instagram". I first set out in the short time I had while Luke was in playschool to find something interesting to shoot. I choose to concentrate on the slide in the playground. I first did the reflection seen in the last two images. Then I climbed to the top for the one used in the first two. Heading into the community centre I then sat down and opened each app and went through a variety of possibilities before settling on the ones seen here. Pictureshow seems to have the most variety and I am looking forward to exploring it more. Instagram is nice and has some good features, but just not the range. However I can see using these more as well as other's as I expand my photographic repertoire.

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