Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 75, 365 Day Project

Well 75 days in to this project and still trying new things. I had been thinking of doing a Triptych for a while and was just waiting for a nice enough day to go out and shoot. I also wanted to try to shoot in the Monochrome mode on my 7D as I wanted to try and think in B&W once again. In my film days I was know for my B&W images but since switching to digital I have been working only in colour. I know we can convert in photoshop, but there is something different when you have a mindset to create in B&W.
So for today's image I switched to monochrome and in this instance also added the red filter in the settings (to give more drama to the sky). I set up on a tripod on a bridge over the Elbow river by Lindsay Park and shot three images. I loved the fact that some geese flew through the middle image. Today I also choose my Canon 10-22 f3.5-4.5 lens set @ f9.0 for 1/125 second at 100 ISO and a focal length of 13mm.
I had a lot of fun rediscovering this style of imagery and plan to do a lot more.

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