Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 280, 365 Day Project

I went for a walk down by the Bow River on this fine Fall day in Calgary. I was able to capture a number of great shots that could have been my image of the day but choose this particular one for a couple of reasons.

I had just walked up from the river and was on the bike path when I saw this interesting contraption hurling down the path towards me. I just had a few seconds before he would pass me so I quickly pulled the iPhone from my pocket and turned it on. I then had to find the camera button and launch the camera app. I barely had time to get the camera up as he passed and I snapped the image as the app launched, panning with him as he went by. Not knowing what I caught I was pleasantly surprised that I had him in the centre of the frame, pretty well the whole trike (just a bit of the back wheel clipped) and nice and sharp. I don't know if I could have captured this shot any better had I planned it or had him ride by multiple times. I also had a chuckle as he commented to the friend who was behind him on a regular bike "Darn Paparazzi".

Final image was cropped and had minor enhancement in Snapseed.

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