Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 300, 365 Day Project

I have become very comfortable with the iPhone and the Snapseed app, so much so that I have noticed that I can really previsualize the image and the way it will look before I snap the shot. Ansel Adams was the photographer who developed the idea of previsualization and was a master in the darkroom in order to achieve the desired results.

In the early days of digital many photographers got away from this idea and just shot numerous images with the intention of fixing them later in Photoshop. Yet as digital has emerged and more tools have presented themselves to us I have seen that more photographers are taking time to see their image and know what they will do afterwards with the variety of tools that they have at their disposal. In general I think we are seeing more meaningful and interesting images then ever before.

I saw today's composition while brushing my teeth this evening. My wife had left some of her perfume on the counter and I liked the way they looked in the scene. I could see the final result in my mind as I went and grabbed the iPhone and then took the shot. It only took me a few seconds in Snapseed to find the exact grunge filter I was looking for and the frame. It turned out exactly as I envisioned.

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