Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 290, 365 Day Project

By observing the work of others it can help us learn to alter the observation of our world around us. My friend Jonathan Marks (http://www.jmarksphoto.com/) has been an inspiration since I discovered his work early in 2011. Watching the imagery he has produced by mastering the iPhone and the various tools available to him has helped me to expand my vision as well.

I have always believed that you must develop your own style and not imitate others. However by sharing and being open to other styles one can expand their own repertoire as well. As I go into the final 75 days of this years project, I have seen a great improvement and growth in my own work. I credit this to being open to new ideas, philosophies, techniques and tools. I am invigorated by observing the works of many talented photographers and thus stretched myself as well. Using my Canon or my iPhone (used to create today's image) allows me to share my vision with you.

This particular shot was done at the Knox united church as I wandered around the building waiting for Cool during his choir rehearsal. I looked up and loved the lines and colour that I saw. I rotated my iPhone to get the composition I liked and then brought the image into Snapseed to crop the image and add the frame. I love the final look of the photograph.

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