Monday, March 26, 2012

Continuing to update the Instgram 366 images.

Tonight one of my long time models brought her boyfriend to class. While he watched I decided to grab a quick image of him with the iPhone. It is another image in a continuation of taking a photo a day that is now at 452 days.
March 12, 2012. Shot using the App SlowShutter with the iPhone during my advanced lighting class at SAIT. Here a flashlight was used to light the model.

March 13, 2012. It seems like I have now photographed everything including the kitchen sink.
March 14, 2012. Caged Dove down at Art Central in Calgary.
March 15, 2012. Peace Lilly and Rosary Ring.

March 16, 2012. Our snow globe collection.

March 17, 2012. Juicer and Shadow.

March 18, 2012. Old wheelbarrow in the backyard.

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