Saturday, March 31, 2012

Story of hope, still looking for prayers.

Today's blog post is a story of hope and a request for more prayers. Over the last four months we have been keeping a secret as one of my sister-in-laws has been in an ICU in a foreign country where she had gone to work. In December she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and she was hospitalized. Since the situation is complicated we wanted to keep a lot of the details quiet as we monitored the situation. For a long time the prognosis looked grim and we were preparing for the worst. Although she is in good hands with some wonderful doctors and nurses taking care of her we did not know where to turn.

That is when we decided to approach some of our faith groups and ask for prayers. Last week we had a variety of different faiths praying for her (Christians, Hindus and Muslims) as she has a connection to all these groups. We contacted some very special priests in India as well as members of our Calgary community. Now whether you believe or not I would like to say that she was not able to get out of bed last weekend, yet when a cat scan was taken a few days ago the tumor had drastically shrunk and a day later her blood pressure returned to normal. They were able to release her yesterday and she was back at work today. She and her doctors feel she is out of the woods and on the way to a full recovery. Still if you can, I would appreciate if you can keep add her to your prayers that the recovery will continue and that she will be able to return home to her family this summer.
The second part of this story has to deal with my Instagram 366 photograph for today (above image). I was asked if I might drop by a photo shoot to give a few suggestions on a calendar shoot. The shoot was taking place in a garage where the owner runs a business where he restores guitars and teaches music. It was a pleasure to meet JR Fleet and chat with him and see a very unique guitar he has designed. While we were talking he mentioned the he is fighting pancreatic cancer and I felt it was a sign to share the above story with him as well. I have sent him the phone number of the one priest in India whom my wife and sister-in-law feel had a big hand in her healing with the hope that he can help JR as well. I would also like to request that if you can assist JR by adding him to your prayers as well and if you can please visit his web-site at to learn more about his organization.

After visiting JR I went to teach at SAIT. When I returned home I was surprised that my son Luke had drawn a cross on his leg as a way to show support for his Aunt. It was so cute I wanted to photograph and share it. Even though he is only 5 he does show a real sensitivity to those around him. It is so wonderful that both of my boy's have good faith values and through this experience have been able to see that people of all faiths can still pray for each other.

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