Sunday, May 6, 2012

A bit behind, catching up.

The last few days have been very busy as I have had a number of things on the go.  On Thursday I started teaching my new History, Art and Culture of Photography course at SAIT.  I spent most of the day putting the final touches on the first lecture and I tell you I was a little nervous going in that evening.  Still everything went well and the lecture flowed nicely.  Afterwards it was time to treat myself so I went to the theatres at Chinook mall and waited in line to see "The Avengers".  While standing there in the back section of the building I noticed this interesting machine here and shot an image as my Instagram 366 for May 3rd.

 Friday was extremely busy as I had to get up early after very little sleep and get the boys off to school.  Then it was off to a doctors appointment, and some running around before going to the school to help set up for the school dance.  Then it was out to supper for my Dad's birthday before taking Cool and Luke to the dance.  Returning home exhausted and needing to still create an image for May 4th I went out side and cut some of the flowers that were now beginning to wilt.  Below is my flower studies from the shoot.  The first is my Instagram 366, then my streamzoo image and finally my "tadaa Today" photo.

 On May 5th my wife and son's were making some chocolate chip cookies and Lysa was letting Luke soften the brown sugar with he mortar and pestle.  I thought it would make for an interesting subject and shot the image below as my Instagram 366 photo.
Today continued to be a busy day as we were preparing for a celebratory mass with the Malayalam community to thank them all for their prayers for my sister-in-law who has made a miraculous recovery from a brain tumour.  Though she has no signs of it she still has to make a recovery from the medicines used to treat it.  However as part of the customs from India it is important to have a mass of thanksgiving and that is what we did.

Once we returned home it was early evening and the sun was just heading sown.  Luke wanted to play in the front yard climbing on the rocks we have decorating our lawn.  As he was standing there I saw this beautiful warm light strike him and wanted to take a photo.  He in returned said I could if it was the photo of the day. I told him it would be if he gave me a nice look, which he did and I think turned out to be one of the nicest photo's I have of him.  This was the Instagram 366 image for today.
 After I took the photo of Luke I was looking at the rocks on which he was climbing and loved the texture and the cracks. I shot a couple of frames and did some post in Snapseed before porting it as my "tadaa Today" image.

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