Saturday, May 19, 2012

A little bit of variety.

So I have a bit of variety today as well as posting two days worth of photographs.  The following are images I posted to Instagram.
Today's Instagram 366 is of a dandelion after the sprinkler system had watered the lawn.  I had plucked it to keep the seeds from getting on the lawn and thought it had some beauty in it even with a lot of the seeds blown away.  I thought it looked interesting so took out the iPhone and held it up to get the sky behind it.
This was shot at the Camera Store as I went down to pick up some dark room chemicals as I have some film to develop and I am planing to shoot with my 4x5 and 8x10's this summer.
Here is my Instagram 366 for May 18, a portrait of my wife Lysa sitting by the front window.  I liked the quiet look on her face as she sat there with the soft evening light coming through.  I added a sepia look in Snapseed.
 These are my images for my 'tadda Today" project.  Above is another look at the dandelion with a bit of evening sun shining on to it and a different sky.  The second photo is from May 18 and were the Orchids that I gave my wife for Mother's day.

Finally these are my photo's for Streamzoo.  The above is a photo of my-self taken with Canon's new 320HS Powershot.  This camera incorporates a wi-fi feature that allows you to down load the images immediately to your computer, tablet or mobile devices.  It is a 16.1mp point and shot and looks to give good quality, but the file sizes downloaded to the iPhone were compressed and smaller then file from the camera on the iPhone.  You maybe able to change this but I didn't have time to fool around with it more to see what it can do.

Finally this photo of the tulips in front of the rocks in our front yard and was yesterday's Streamzoo post.

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