Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few random thoughts.

As I close in on 500 days of at least one photo a day I have a few thoughts and observations to share.

The challenge of photography a creative image is a daunting one and one that can easily be derailed.  When I also look that at this stage of my life that I am limited to a few areas and most of the images have to come from my time spent there it makes it even more difficult.  I have photographed many items in and around my home, at SAIT where I teach, my boy's school, choir, dance or other activities.  There have been times when travel to other locations have allowed me to explore a bit more but in general my sphere of activity is limited.  I try hard not to photograph the same thing twice, but if I do I try to look at it in a different way and try techniques to make each image unique.

Saying this I was thinking today that if I was to suddenly stop that no one would really care.  Sure I have some followers, but it would make no difference in their lives if they did not see something new from me.  The only one whom it would affect would be me and I would be the only one who really noticed.  I am really enjoying this and will do my best to stay true to myself.

I have also given myself permission to experiment and play with the photo's I create.  Currently I am working exclusively with the iPhone and a variety of apps to give different looks and feels and a chance for me to express myself artistically.  I do plan to shoot more with the DSLR this summer as well as some of my film cameras.  This is about growth and expression for me, not recognition as such.

In doing this I hope to grow as a photographer, artist and person.  I want to become even more familiar and proficient with a number of techniques and then be able to share with others.  I hope that those of you reading this will stay with me and enjoy the trip.

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