Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm shooting in the rain.

We had a terrific downpour today and while Cool was in at his Jazz Dance Class I decided to take a little walk out in the rain.  The following are images I found during my walk.
The Lilac trees are in bloom and I loved the way the drops were coming off the petals.  I shot up with the sky in the background which gave a soft look to the photo.  Cropped and tuned for contrast and brightness in Snapseed. My Instagram 366 photo for today.
I saw a lot of reflections but liked the backboard reflected on the cracked concrete court.
I found this padlock and chain on a garbage can and loved the texture in the wood as a background.
A down spout spewing water as the rain beat down.  I used the drama filter to add some snap in Snapseed.
There was some hail and this poor tulip took the brunt of the damage.
I liked this reflection of the posts in the large puddle that had formed in front of it.  No soccer tonight.

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