Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 310, 365 Day Project

We attended a performance of Carmina Burana by the Calgary Civic Symphony this afternoon. My son Cool and the Cantare Children's Choir of which he is a member sand a portion of this production and it was a big deal for him as he was able to sit with the Symphony as well as the Calgary Philharmonic Choir. There were also close to 2000 people in attendance at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, by far the largest crowd he has been in front of. The whole time I could see his smiling face from the stage as he performed beautifully.

Now they don't like people taking pictures during the performance so I did not bring my Canon 7D which would have been needed to deal with the low light. However while we were waiting for the start of the performance I trained my iPhone on the large acoustic panel above the stage which also houses a number of the lights for the stage. To me it looked like a large alien ship hovering above a landing platform. I snapped an image and brought it into Snapseed for a little manipulation that I feel enhanced this idea.

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