Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 328, 365 Day Project

I had photographed a similar scene back on March 22 (Day 80 of the project). Many things have changed since I started this project. In the case of this scene the plants that were photographed on that last day of winter were cut down to allow the new growth of the spring ahead. The shot was done with the Canon 7D with very little post processing.

Fast forward eight months and a couple of days. Winter is not quite here yet, but we have had a few light snowfalls followed by stretches of nice weather. Last night we had another light dusting and as I walked up the driveway after walking my boy's to school I noticed the above scene once again. However this time the tools and vision have changed. This time I used the iPhone to capture the shot and then worked with a couple of the dozen apps that I use for post processing. In the case it was PhotoToaster and PhotoForge2 that allowed me to get the painterly feel that I was looking for.

It is fun as I near the end of this cycle to look back and see the change and growth in my photography. Although I have been shooting for close to 40 years and teach others I still feel the need to develop and grow as a photographer, as an artist. This project has been a great learning experience.

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